Biblical Business Secret (vol. 2)

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I stated it clear in Biblical Business Secret (vol.1) of how the Bible has become the most valuable resource for information on how to succeed in business.

In this volume 2 of Biblical Business Secret, I will be uncovering numerous secrets which you may have come across in raw form either when you were reading the Bible or during a Business Seminar. Remember, in Emchis Consulting our goal is to assist you with the best Expert advice so that you can be marked as an Entrepreneur of Distinction. Whatever we can do to achieve that is worth doing.

What were those things I read in the Bible that matched how things should be done in the business world? Just hook with me let’s go through the unveiling.

1. Carefully consider risk but don’t let it stop you

“If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.”
~ Jim Rohn

The inability to take risk is what has hindered some potential outstanding Entrepreneurs from ever becoming it. Do you know that it is more risky not to take risk and it is foolishness to take uncalculated risk? I have a friend who I adviced some months ago to start up his own business where his experience lies and since we could not afford the amount needed to start the business, we decided to sell off some of his properties. Why did I allow him to take that risk? Because I knew that the gain to be generated in few months time will be more than enough to buy back those properties. That’s what it means to take a calculated risk.

Risk comes to warn us. It comes to stop us and it comes to make us an experienced Entrepreneur. The platform of greatness would have been highly crowded if not for risk. Risk sieves out feeble men to favour ready men.

In GENESIS 27:12, Jacob was careful to consider the risk involved before launching out. Risk comes to give Entrepreneurs an opportunity to re-think. Had it been he launched out thinking what a risk-free venture!, he would have left the presence of Isaac cursed instead of blessed.

To succeed in business you must consider the risks involved; calculate them – settle all the “what ifs” and go ahead to work things out. You must never let it stop you. Go ahead and invest.

2. Be innovative

Innovation is all about making things work better, function better and produce better result than it has ever done before.

“Innovation is creativity commercialized.”
~ Dr Cherylend de Jager

Any business that fails to innovate collapse as our technology improves and any human being who fails to innovate expire as he or she keeps living with old information.

I’m of the believe that innovation should be made a daily routine. It must be circulated.

“Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.”
~ Ted Levitt

So, are you innovative? If yes! What new thing have you been able to accomplish?

GENESIS 30:37-40 taught us that for you to succeed in business you must invent a new technology born from an innovative mind that will favour the course of your business. Jacob did it, and I’ve learnt it. Will you also learn it?

I know you will be wondering what this young man called Jacob did. Now, see what he did. The Bible said; “Now Jacob took fresh shoots from poplar, almond, and plane trees and peeled off strips of the bark to make white streaks on them. Then he set up these peeled branches beside the watering troughs so Laban’s flocks would see them as they came to drink, for that was when they mated. …. Then at mating time he turned the flocks toward the streaked and dark-coloured rams in Laban’s flock. This is how he built his flock from Laban’s.”

Having seen how innovative and technology-driven Jacob was in order to be successful, what new technology, whether globally useful or industry-specific can you invent to help you grow your business?

The Wright brothers who were the first humans to imitate birds in flight thought of innovation. Steve Jobs of Apple Inc. thought of innovation, Bill Gate of Microsoft corporation thought of innovation and in Emchis Consulting we are also thinking innovation. If I may ask you, what are you thinking.

In being innovative some rules has to be broken.

“They were Rule Breakers whose innovativeness captivated their customers – and frightened off all competitors.”
~ Robert M. Tomasko
(Author; Go For Growth)

Don’t forget I told you this is just volume 2 – subsequent volumes and updates will be published later just for you. It is my dream to provide you with the best of Expert advice that can help you succeed in any business of your choice.

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