Power of Persistence

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PERSISTENCE is what’s needed to achieve anything in life whether from God or from humanity. The Bible told us of how a poor widow was able to have her needs met simply because she mastered the art of being persistent. Sometimes, life may not yield you the result you sought for but through persistence you can get everyone dance to your tone of music.

You’ve got to insist never to give up on that relationship, connection, job, result or what have you. Charge towards it and challenge every standing orders that may want to form a barricade. The universe can only respond in equal proportion to your quest if not more than that if you insist, persist and persevere.

Were you told ‘get out!’ in the past? Did life order you to use the exit door – ordering you away from your prosperity? Or did your Boss, Spouse, Friend, Tutor or Parent refuse you that which you so much desired? Don’t give up! Don’t lose hope! What you need is re-inforcement, a new strategy and a concrete argument. Re-empower yourself by gaining more energy and be bold to look your challenge in the face and say; ‘I will never give up!’

Thinking from diverse perspective – it could be that that refusal made to your request was because your intentions were not wholly understood or because you lack concrete reason(s) why what you’ve asked for should be done. Re-visit your plan, come back again and again, and trust me one day life will deliver to you that which you sought for.

Hold on to that most holy faith. Don’t cast it down simply because someone rejected you. You might be rejected or refused a job today but that should not make you quit. Go back, retreat and re-examine yourself.

When you ask and no one replies, search! When you search and you didn’t find, knock at the next available door. When you knock and no one opens the door, combine the three strategies; ask, search and knock. Don’t quit because no one replied. Repeat this process over and over again.

It is not your fault that your first venture, after all
“Failure is a common denominator that has once, twice or many times in the past divided many great and later successful people”
~ Emenike Emmanuel [msp]
but it becomes your fault if you fail to persist.

You may not know how many miles you’ve covered in the imaginary world of getting your desires met, I guess you are closer to your success than ever. It might be too late to quit now. Just persist by doing it over again.

Get attracted to those things that inspire you. Add more power to be better, to do better and to achieve better. Don’t quit where mere men quit, you are a Superachiever, a Hyperthinker and a Change agent. Give the greatness within you an opportunity to express itself.

Remember, persistence is not a muscular job – it is entirely a Mind work. To do this you must work on your mind. Set it right and get all things work in your favour.

Notwithstanding the quadrant you find yourself, persistence is your master key for survival otherwise you may be quitting very early.

Do you have any achievement you’ve recorded in life that was as a result of being PERSISTENT? Please share it with us. Together we can assist each other achieve better. Keep sharing on facebook, twitter, google+ and press.


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