How to Quit Your Job and Assume the Entrepreneur You Are

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According Forbes’ Report, more than 2million Americans quit their job every month unlike what we witness in my country Nigeria where over 40million Nigerians are seeking for employment. And the question is, why are these Americans quitting their jobs in a country with a working Labour law? Well, the answer will be for another day’s post.

The inspiration to write this article came as a result of the questions I’ve always received from friends and former colleagues who want to quit their job but do not know how to start? These people cherish the freedom that comes from one being an Entrepreneur but indeed they have not figured out how to quit their current job even when they no longer love the job.

I was almost getting used up by my former employer before I summoned the courage to quit the job and turned out to be an Entrepreneur.

To quit your current job and dive into the path of being an Entrepreneur of distinction needs serious courage and strong backup. Remember, one of the worst thing that can happen to you is seeing yourself crawl back to your former employer asking him to re-absorb you.

If someone like Tony Elumelu, the former MD of UBA can quit his job to become an Entrepreneur founding Africapitalism how much more yourself? Becoming an Entrepreneur is one of the choices I know I have never seen anyone regret. So, how can this article help you become one why you graciously quit your current job? Let’s get down on it a bit…

Before you conclude in your plan to quit your current job and move straight into becoming an Entrepreneur, these are the things you must do;

1. Build enough reserve you can depend on for the next six months to come

Yes! This is very serious. Most people hardly survive it the first six months of tendering their resignation letter. This makes some people to either go looking for another job or crawl back to the former employer.

Before you resign, build a financial reserve that can carter for your family. You know what your monthly budget is; multiply it by 6 and add it to the inflation rate. Save out that amount and get ready to fire your Boss.

2. Build another stream of income

This other stream of income is what is called; Passive Income. I have treated that in my previous article titled: Passive Income Strategy.

This secondary stream of income helps you gain some freedom and power. And thus will act as the shock absorber when you finally quits the job.

3. Quit the job when the ovation is high

The point at which you quit the job matters to a great extent. This secret is what Sir Emeka, the former Secretary-General of Commonwealth has used to maintain relevance among the world class leaders.

Don’t wait until your reputation has being fully soiled before you leave. If it is in your plan to become an Entrepreneur don’t wait anyone more, start now.

4. Discipline yourself before you finally quit the job

Entrepreneurs understand what it means to be disciplined more than employees. But if you are not disciplined as an Employee you may make the worst of Entrepreneurs.

“If you think your teacher is tough, wait until you get a boss.”
~ Bill Gate

And if I’m to re-phrase a fraction of that quote, I’d say … if your Boss is tough to you as an Employee, wait until you become an Entrepreneur and watch if life won’t be tougher.

Areas you must discipline yourself on includes;

(a) Your value for TIME.
(b) Your value for MONEY.
(c) Your value for CUSTOMERS.
(d) Your value for REST.

5. Designate a date you will quit the job

Some of my friends and former colleagues who inspired this write-up are seeking for a way to quit their current job which from what I learnt they are no longer comfortable with but they cannot. It is believed this was because they have not designated a date to quit the job.

Nothing in this world is too small to have a plan, this should also be related to quitting your job and moving over to becoming an Entrepreneur. Set a date deadline for yourself and work tirelessly to meet that date.

6. Build the bridges before you call it quit

We started by saying that you should build enough financial reserve and we want to end with asking you to build all the bridges before you finally quit the job. It is natural that your Boss may try being unbearable hearing that you will soon quit the job but go ahead and build a reputable relationship. I was fortunate to have worked with a Hypocrite as a Boss and that has just given me another topic to write on on my subsequent post – I knew he was cruel but he never behaved like it.

Notwithstanding what happens, go ahead and build your relationship with colleagues, customers and your Boss.

I hope you gathered enough reason why you are quitting your paid job to become an Entrepreneur? If you did, go ahead and follow those simple steps I have stated above.

For enquiries and suggestions, leave a comment for me below.


3 thoughts on “How to Quit Your Job and Assume the Entrepreneur You Are

    Kristin Maack said:
    October 30, 2013 at 3:43 am

    Great post! I’ve completed a quite a few of these steps.

    I’ve started another income stream. I’ve given my employer my quit date (only 3 weeks left!!) And I have definitely built discipline in my life for success!

    Now that I’ve taken these steps, I am set up for world travel. I have a one way ticket to Costa Rica for 12/30. After that…who knows! I’m an online entrepreneur and lovin’ it!!

      Emenike Emmanuel responded:
      October 30, 2013 at 9:06 am

      Good @Kristin Maack! There’s no other better choice than the one you’ve just made. For those who planned it well as stated above will definitely have nothing to regret about their job.

      For me, I think that’s one of the wisest decision I ever made – to quit my job and become an Entrepreneur.

      Thanks for stopping by and bravo! for your wonderful testimony.

    Should I Quit My Job | Should You Quit Your Job said:
    November 17, 2013 at 3:55 pm

    […] How to Quit Your Job and Assume the Entrepreneur You Are ( […]

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