Biblical Business Secrets (Volume 1)

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Do you know why the Bible is considered the most useful business book in the world? Have you ever asked yourself why Business Consultants who are not even Christians cannot teach without quoting a Principle from the Bible? These and more are what I’ve been able to uncover in this article just for the passion I have to see your business succeed.

The Biblical Business Secrets series is very large based on the information I’ve gathered so far and still gathering, and that’s why I divided them into volumes. So, ensure you always follow me to know when the next volume has being published.

God is an Expert in hiding a matter but He has promised any man who uncovers the hidden secret a glory.

Having quoted the Bible as the most resourceful business book in the world, let me simply save your time by showing you proofs for my claim in this BBS vol. 1.

Secret 1: Before you start up a business you must assess the situation – God did it before creation

Assessing the situation in business terms is what we call Feasibility Study. In Genesis 1:2: the Bible told us that the Spirit of God was hovering over the situation of things. It was at this point of assessment he discovered how formless and void the earth was before He furthered the creation.

As a Business person you are, how far have you assessed the situation? If you did, what was your result? Be truthful to yourself! Don’t say it is beautiful when you know it is ugly. Remember God was plain at this point. If it isn’t working, say the truth so that you could be assisted.

This has nothing to do with being positive or negative – it’s all about Assessment just like in a financial report.

Secret 2: Do not make negotiation when you are hungry

No one will say he has never made negotiation or will make one in future. For me, I’ve made negotiations I later regretted but today, I’m better of than before.

The devastations consequent upon making negotiation when one is hungry is very huge – worst of all when it is business-linked. Imagine yourself being Larry Page 8years ago and you sold off Google! How would that make you cry now? Just imagine!

In 1976, Ronald Wayne sold his 10% stake in Apples Inc. for $2,300 and now Apple is worth over $50 billion. Take a look at what Ronald said; “if I had known it would make 300 people Millionaires in only 4years, I would have stayed those 4years.” Huh! That was the regret of a man who negotiated when he was hungry.

In Genesis 25:32, Esau made a deadly negotiation that opened him up for everlasting pain and a second class. If not for God, he would have been very poor although he had to hustle through life.

A single decision (or call it negotiation) he made made him vulnerable to deception. Esau said; “Look, I’m dying of starvation! What good is my birthright to me now?” Of course he knew it could be useful in the future. He said; “… to me NOW.”

To ensure you don’t make negotiation at the point you are hungry and desperately in need, you must learn to dig your Well before you are thirsty. Work your life so that it will work. Plan ahead of time. Don’t be ignorant that a day of famine will come when you have to fall back to you Energy Bank Reserve to draw.

As a Business person, making negotiation when you are hungry makes you under price your services and even your product. They are people waiting for you or your business to get hungry before they can come for negotiation – do not give them that chance. Negotiating when you are hungry reduces your value. It makes you stoop low below your class. And at the long run, it leaves you in regret.

Secret 3: Learn to use the language of your Customers – Jacob taught us how it works

When you speak the language of your Customers, you fasten the communication between both of you. The Customer automatically receives an inward assurance that you won’t cheat. It brings friendship. Remember, Customers can be sentimental atimes but only those who have learnt to speak like them can break the barrier.

In Genesis 27:20, Jacob mastered this 3rd secret and he said to Isaac; “… because the Lord your God put it in my path!” Had Jacob said otherwise, he would have departed with a curse (otherwise known as business failure) instead of a blessing
(business success).

Naturally Isaac could not explain why the assumed Esau was so fast except if the hand of his Lord God was upon him. Jacob being a smart guy ended the confusion by answering Isaac in his own language.

Do you know any language of your customers/clients/spouse you can start speaking today? This is very important. It works, and it can work for you.

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