How those considered idiots succeed in business

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“Nothing is so humiliating than to see idiots succeed in enterprises we have failed in.”
– Gustave Flaubert

Not until we have seen people who we by all standard of things measurable are better than succeed in business it never occurred to us that idiots can also be successful especially in businesses the wise have failed woefully.

Success in business is what anyone can achieve if he or she learns to play by the rules and also break the rules where necessary. One of those rules that have lingered in Africa and especially in Nigeria is that young people are not permitted to start their own business or do what I call earning-from-talent until they have passed through the tertiary institution. This is why we hardly have young millionaires in Nigeria unlike what is obtainable in other developed countries of the world. If Bill Gate, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Job or Jeff Bezos were to be Nigerians, their parents would have stopped them from dropping out of school to face their lifetime dream. I can remember vividly what my Mum told me the day I disclosed to her that I will spend my tuition fees in publishing one of my books. She spoke to me at length and convinced me to change my mind.

Most Nigerians still believe that inorder to be successful you must have a college degree while few which you and I is a party to believes that certificate without strategy is the root cause of our national problem.

To be successful in business you don’t need the tutorial of a Spiritualist, a Prophet or a Professor who know nothing about starting and running a firm. You need a mentor, a coach and a model. This is one among many secrets those we considered idiots uncovered to become so successful in business. Instead of running from one prayer house to another, the termed idiots gave their time to researching, investing in their ultimate skills and service to many. They were seen as idiots when they worked on jobs they didn’t love although it was profitable and a must-have for everyone just to get what they want. Today the spotlight is on them.

“Know the rules well so you can break them effectivelly.”
– Dalai Lama XIV

Do want the tested and proven secrets to becoming successful in any business of your choice? Then;
* Have a Mentor.
* Acknowledge the rules.
* Obey the rules.
* Play by the rules.
* And break it if is obnoxious.

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2 thoughts on “How those considered idiots succeed in business

    Gospel ataiku said:
    February 28, 2014 at 9:45 am

    I love this

      Emenike Emmanuel responded:
      February 28, 2014 at 10:55 am

      Thanks @Gospel. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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