How thinking money makes you poor

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What we often think about and how we do it has a way it affects our total being. Some Entrepreneurs who do not understand the rules of the game believes that thinking so much about money helps them make more money but that is not true. If there’s anyone who dislikes poverty in this world it is me and that made me think so much about money. But the funny part of it is that the more I harboured the thought, the more respect I lose, the more enemies I create and the poorer and unfulfilled I became. This is to show that I’m not here to talk to you about theories – this article is a fragment of my experience and that of others I have studied.

Having overcome this dead-killer of thinking about money, I would want you to also do.

Let’s get down on it….
Money is one of the most powerful language of life. In fact among the three rotor wheels of life; P.M.S. – Power, Money and Sex, money is the most powerful. It is the quest for money that prompts all other.

Sometime in August 2013 I asked a young boy of 5years in my city to join a chorus in Church and he was bold to ask me how much I will pay him. It was then done on me that the quest for money in our world today in on the increase.

There’s a paradigm shift from what we use to know about money. Real Money is not acquired by working or thinking about it, it is now achieved by adding and creating more values. Nothwithstanding the power of our thought to bring imaginations into realilities it can do nothing in translating our thoughts about money into real money, instead it will make us lose time, of which you know that time = money.

“There are two rules in life. Number one is; never lose money and number two is, never forget rule number one.”
~ Warren Buffet
(The American Billionaire)

Any time you spend your time investing in thoughts that will never translate directly or indirectly into money, you are only making yourself poorer. A friend sent me an article today, “My Thought Made Me” and that just reminded me that we are products of our thought.

If thinking money makes us poor what then can we think about?

In just three points I will show you areas you should channel your thoughts. Although we will be going in details in subsequent articles.

These 3 points are;

1. Think God, His work and His Kingdom.
2. Think Service.
3. Think Others.

It is believed that our energy is generated and channeled anywhere our thought is – which is to mean, if we spend our time on unprofitable venture we end up being poorer than when we first began.

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