Financial Independence – commemorating Naija @53

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Just fifteen days ago my country-Nigeria celebrated her 53rd anniversary of securing independence from the Britain but what I have never ceased to ask is how independent we are seeing that we now import and emigrate in multiples. Despite all that have been said, half done and in worst scenerio undone, the rate of dependency by our youths on the government, their parents and on their certificates in Nigeria is on the increase. This is why few old men and women who never discovered the strategy towards retiring early pray to work until their 70s simply because they are in search of financial independence.

I have come to terms that there’s no other better time to transmit this urgent information of seeking for financial independence otherwise known as financial freedom than now every youth in Nigeria has lost confidence in our Government-in-Power, GIP. Just like most youth today, I use to think that it was the sole responsibility of the government to carter for her citizens in every angle until I grew up, discovered my purpose for living and it became a burden to me to give back to my society.

As we are still in our month of celebration or planning to celebrate the upcoming independence, we should also check how financially independent we are. Remember, we are not free until we are financially free.

As our politicians celebrate their 53years of keeping Nigeria in bondage, may we, the zero-tolerance youths rise up to fight peacefully for financial independence. We are looking forward to the New Nigeria of December 31, 2025 our mentor spoke about which we tapped into to say that by then every youth in Nigeria must have developed his/her own business.

Nigerian youths are tired of being used as a business depot where different ministries and agencies that have exhausted or not received their annual budget declare vacancies just to make money from selling scratch cards. This is indeed a high rate of sheer wickedness on a person seeking for green pasture. I have also heard that some people demand for money in order to offer the unemployed job, but the question is, where will someone who has been unemployed for years get the money to lobby?

If you can reason from my own perspective you will realize that financial independence or freedom does not come when you secure a white collar job instead, that’s another form of modern slavery just like visa lottery.

Financial independence comes when you discover your purpose for living, tirelessly work to translate it into a skill and persistently add more values than you are ready to take. At this point every talent you discover or skill you develop projects you into the atmosphere of greatness where the liberty to be rich abounds.

It is my desire that our independence will also favour our financial status.


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